Hyenid VRChat Avatar

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The Hyenid
A highly customizable 3D avatar base developed for use on social VR platforms. Optimized for VRChat and Neos. Includes preconfigured PhysBones.
For additional info on the avatar join us on the discord: https://discord.gg/hxdgweBdpn

• Equipped with avatar 3.0 functions for in-game customization and more
• Created with blender 2.82.7, and mainly textured with Substance Painter, Photoshop alternatives included. (FBX, Photoshop and Substance Painter files included)
• Preconfigured unity package included for VRChat. (SDK and Shader not included. Unity Package Preconfigured for Mochie's Shader. https://github.com/MochiesCode/Mochies-Unity-Shaders/releases )

Terms of Service:

1. The Hyenid may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from Alber.

This includes the promotion of paid services, merchandise created using the assets from the original gumroad package and paid media that utilize the assets of the original gumroad package.

Using the Hyenid as a streaming avatar on platforms such as twitch, a personal avatar on a social platform such as VRChat or in personal non-profit projects however, is allowed.

2. Alber reserves the rights to the model for uses in the following media:




3. Retexture commissions and other such agreements are allowed, so long as the client receiving the edited model has purchased the 'Hyenid' prior.

4. Redistribution of the model is prohibited, with the exception of public avatars on platforms like VRChat and Neos, so long as the avatar in question credits Alber and includes a link to the Gumroad page of Alber or the Hyenid visible in some shape or form.

5. Selling and promoting assets or modified assets from this asset pack is prohibited on websites that allow payment or direct file redistribution without explicit permission from Alber.

Credits (Twitter tags)

Original character design and concept art by: @elvche
Avatar base commissioned by @absol_hyena

Unity technical assistance, avatar 3.0 setup and promotional footage: @greatmastix

Hyenid logo and avatar 3.0 menu design by @DoctorMiawoo

Promotional animations/cover animation by @WolfyBits

Please enjoy the model, and don't hesitate to contact me to give me feedback! @AlberArts

I want this!

The Hyenid Model (Blend, FBX), Textures (PNG, PSD, SPP) and a preconfigured unity package for VRChat. 72k Polys with all accessories, below 70k Polys for the quest version.


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Hyenid VRChat Avatar

693 ratings
I want this!